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Task List - Email Reminders
Similar to OOTB Alerts; but emails are triggered by task due date.
Allows task list owners to automatically send email reminders when tasks are due.

One email is sent per list, per assignee each day, if tasks meet this criteria:
1) task status is open
2) it is assigned and assignee has an email address

Emails are sent out daily and only when assignee has tasks in the list that are:
1) due today
2) due in two days
3) two days past due

In Progress... Version 2
1) Calendar Email Reminders... based on event date
2) Remind Me allowing contributors to setup email reminders for themselves on task lists and calendars
3) Send response emails after someone adds a list/library item
4) Send an email to members of a list or assignees

WSP, compatable with WSS 3.0. Tested on SharePoint 2007
For SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 see:

Install Package includes
1) WSP
2) optional bat files for 2007

Install the WSP, deploy and enable the features
use optional bat file to install
1) drop the files on the root of the c drive on one of the WFE server
2) the double click the appropriate setup bat file.

Features (under the hood)
Activated on the Application level
1) Task List Email Reminders - Application level feature - comprises of a Timer Job run once per day (like 2 am) (see central admin)
2) Email Reminders (hidden) - Site Collection level feature - attached to task lists and sets up administration page (site collection admin page)

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